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Varices The causes The evolution

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In 95% of the cases the varicose veins are determined by a genetically transmitted propensity. So, in most cases the varicose veins are inherited. In 5% of the cases the varicose veins are determined by other causes (serious traumas of the inferior limbs, burns, etc.).

Can the occurance of the varicose veins be prevented? The answer to this question is: no! If there is a genetically propensity sooner or later the varicose disease of the inferior limbs will occur. Fortunately this propensity is transmitted by a recessive genetically mechanism and so not all the descendants of a person have to inherit the disease.

Therefore, the determinant factor in the occurrence of the varicose disease is in 95% of the cases genetically.

How soon does the disease occur or how much will the veins dilatate – this depends on the favoring factors.

Some of these factors are:

  • jobs that require prolonged standing
  • pregnancy is often a favoring factor because of the changing of the hormonal profile
  • sports that require the use of the spring
  • fatness increases the pressure on the veins of the inferior limbs
  • oral birth-control pills

We once more lay emphasis on a very important aspect: the varicose disease of the inferior limbs must be surgically treated as soon as possible; you must not wait for the occurance of complications!

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